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How to choose a coffee maker or a coffee machine?

Today it is difficult to imagine an apartment or office without a machine for making real coffee. A coffee machine is an object that will never be superfluous. Even if you are not used to brewing coffee in the morning, a coffee maker is sure to come in handy on weekends or holidays, when you are waiting for many guests.

The history of this machine began over a hundred years ago in the Italian city of Milan. One plant owner noticed that workers were too often away from their places to make aromatic coffee. As a result, a couple of years later, the plant owner patented his invention – an espresso machine.

Types of coffee makers

Currently, there are three types of modern coffee makers. Manual coffee machines require a person to be present when making an invigorating drink. These machines are chosen by true coffee connoisseurs who like the original design, as well as the fact that they can make exactly the drink they like.

The advantages of hand coffee makers are the beauty and elegance of the machines.

The second type of coffee machine is a semi-automatic machine. You are required to have minimal interference in the process of preparing your drink, but you are also involved in the process of maintaining control over coffee quality. Semi-automatic coffee machines are easy to use and you can always choose the model you like on the shelves.

At the touch of a button you can measure the amount of water, grind beans, beat up milk for cappuccino or prepare espresso. The only disadvantage of such a coffee machine – you will not enjoy the process of making an invigorating drink. Otherwise, the automatic coffee machine is easy to use and does not require additional operations.

Buy a coffee machine only from well-known manufacturers, and even better, if it will be an Italian company. Also high quality Spanish, French and German machines differ. Do not be tempted by the low prices from Chinese manufacturers – the machines manufactured in China will not last long. The higher the capacity of the coffee machine, the faster you can make coffee. For a home coffee machine, a thousand Watts of power is considered optimal. If you’re expecting a variety of coffees from your machine, buy a coffee machine with a strawberry to foam the cappuccino. A good coffee machine should have a place to heat cups before pouring coffee into them.

Pay attention to the water tank. It should be a normal size so that you can prepare several cups of coffee at once. Also, a good coffee machine should be able to use cups of normal size.

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